Networks Networks

(Cornwall & Devon)

With the internet requirements of today, Smarthouse will make sure you stay connected throughout your home or business no matter what the size. We use network switches and patch panels that can connect as many terminals as required at maximum speeds.

Smarthouse Network Services:

  • Back up and access all of your files from a central hard drive or network attached storage device (NAS).
  • Systems are built into a lockable data cabinet allowing access to authorised personnel only.
  • Ensure all your devices are integrated and rationalised to maximise performance.
  • Keep wiring and equipment hidden to improve the look of your home or business while improving functionality.
Wiring within the Data Cabinet
Network Cabinet
Installing a Networking Cabinet
Networking Cables Close Up
Networking Cabinet
Sonos Equipment in Networking Cabinet
Netgear Equipment in Networking Cabinet
Sky Equipment in Networking Cabinet

When to Get in Touch

As with all our services we recommend when planning whole home integrated systems getting our knowledgeable engineers in early, at the design stage of a build/renovation, so we can advise on the requirements of the systems you desire and ensure your home is future proofed. This saves time and expense retro fitting later.