WiFi WiFi

(Cornwall & Devon)

Smarthouse’s Wi-Fi services can ensure a consistent internet connection throughout your business or property, indoors or outdoors, with wireless repeater technology.

What can be done?

  • Eliminate black spots and never lose connection again.
  • Connect outbuildings to your home/premises main router to ensure the full use of all your devices from every part of your property.
  • Allow multiple properties in close proximity to be connected so multiple broadband accounts are not necessary.
  • Add these as an addition to your satellite broadband installation to ensure constant connection.
WiFi Pole with Smarthouse Van in background
WiFi Install
WiFi Install
WiFi Install Close Up
WiFi Install next to Aerial
WiFi Install on Outbuilding

When to Get in Touch

As with all our services we recommend when planning whole home integrated systems getting our knowledgeable engineers in early, at the design stage of a build/renovation, so we can advise on the requirements of the systems you desire and ensure your home is future proofed. This saves time and expense retro fitting later.

If you’re looking to simply add WiFi into your existing property/properties, get in touch right away.