TV, Satellite and Aerials Satellite

(Cornwall & Devon)

Smarthouse offer everything from high grade rust resistant satellite dishes, to standard sky installations and everything in between. Want to view your Sky box in other rooms of the house with no additional monthly subscription? Just tell us if you want it in standard definition or high definition and we can do the rest. Sky and Freesat set top boxes and DVR’s supplied and installed.

Smarthouse Provides an Excellent Satellite Service:

  • Same day repair service; whether it’s a faulty Sky box or a satellite dish that requires attention.
  • Bespoke, stainless steel brackets manufactured locally by MGC Engineering to provide near permanent resistance to all conditions. (Must be ordered prior to installation)
  • Galvanised steel brackets and aluminium masts used as standard on all installations and repairs.
  • Galvanised or stainless fixings used as standard on all installations and repairs.
  • Only CAI approved equipment used on all installations and repairs. High quality cable and equipment.
  • Upgrade your existing system with a rust resistant satellite aerial to ensure your system is installed to the highest standard.
  • We will install the satellite dish at a location that you are happy with.
  • We carry a range of cable colours to best suit the exterior finish of the property.
  • The cable will be installed neatly ensuring that any horizontal/vertical cable runs are straight and level.
  • All holes for cable entry to the property will be filled (with coloured sealant) and watertight.
  • Internal face plates can be supplied and installed on request to give a finished look (at an additional cost).
  • We offer a weather resistant satellite dish on request to ensure the dish will last in coastal areas.

Why wait to see who comes to your door?

Contact Smarthouse today and ensure your installation is carried out by an engineer who cares.

Satellite Dish on Roof
Satellite Dish in Ground
Satellite Cabling
Satellite Dish
Satellite Dish on Wall
Satellite Dish
Satellite Dish on Roof


  • Improve your picture quality from standard to high definition. We hold a large stock of Sky+HD receivers and equipment.
  • Add additional equipment to your existing Sky system; including Multi-room Sky installations.
  • Distribute your Sky picture from one Sky box to as many TV’s as desired in either standard or high definition quality.


Freesat is particularly useful for areas in Cornwall with a poor terrestrial reception. Smarthouse can supply and install the entire system including dish, receiver or TV, and cabling. Tell us if you want the facility to record, watch on demand and view high definition programs.

  • All equipment supplied.
  • Distribute your Freesat picture from one Freesat box to as many TV’s as desired in either standard or high definition quality.

Foreign Satellite Systems

If you have moved to the UK from abroad and are missing your favourite TV series or local news from home, Smarthouse can install a satellite system that will bring them back to you.

  • All equipment supplied.
  • Installed and demonstrated in situ.